The Course


Target Groups


Religious Men & women

Desiring Inner peace

Priests who have been in the ministry for more than 7 years

Who need space to reflect on their life and ministry

Religious men and women seeking greater awareness of themselves and God

Our Course Outline

Teaching on spirituality, Relationships, Emotional growth,communication skills, Time Management,Alcoholism, HIV/AIDS and many more.
Growth Facilitation
Participants receive personal and group facilititation to enable the flow of ministry alongside personal emotional and spiritual growth.
Community Focus
The program empahsizes on community living as a valuable resource and support for our lives. Members are encouraged to take the opportunity for 'Mutual Evangelism'
Time for Reflection
As the famous Socrates once said "Unexamined life is not worthy living'. Here, participants are encouraged to take time to reflect as well as write a personal journal
To shape ones development, a series of workshops are organized, touching on conflict management, human sexuality, prayer and discernment, among others
Opportunities to practice communication exercises in order to improve interpersonal communication and relationships
Course Requirements
On going class at Sabbatical Centre , Catholic Diocese of Murang'a

General Requirements


Recommendation letter from the Bishop or the Superior


Mental and Physical stability


Willing to reside in the centre and attend mandatory classes

Leave of Duty

Be freed from Diocesan/Congregation responsibilities.

About Us

St John Paul II Sabbatical Centre is a retreat centre in a serene environment, situated at Maragua, Muran’ga County. 

It was founded by Rt. Rev. James Maria Wainaina, the Bishop Catholic Diocese of Murang’a

It offers a peaceful atmosphere for priests and the religious, aiming integrate their physical, spiritual and emotional lives with the apostolate

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